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Do you want to maximise your confined space or simply add some interior decorating into your home?


Impressive Glass & splashbacks mirrors are a great opportunity to fill that missing space on the wall or simply increase the feeling of space within the room.

Our unique range of mirrors are easily accessible for you to order.


Impressive glass and splashbacks are happy to supply and install specified sizes or assist in creating your most unique shapes and ideas. With services such as bevelled edging and polished edges there’s no need to enclose your mirror within a frame. You can simply enhance your creation to become your room’s best feature.


Our range of mirrors includes:

  • Splashback Mirrors
  • Coloured Mirror
  • Bevelled Edge Mirrors
  • Bathroom/ Bedroom mirrors
  • Decorative glass mirrors
  • V- Groove Mirrors
  • Car Mirrors                              
  • Framed Mirrors
  • Architectural Mirrors
  • Vinyl Mirrors
  • Antique Mirrors